Why You Need a Motorcycle Maintenance Log

Why You Need a Motorcycle Maintenance Log

by Chris Rutter October 22, 2020

Experienced motorcycle owners know to have a maintenance log to keep their bike in shape and finances in order. These logs help bike owners track their expenses and any motorcycle repairs. You might think motorcycle maintenance logs are only for repair professionals or bike enthusiasts, but this isn't true. Even the most non-handy motorcycle owners can easily keep a maintenance record and get a lot of value from it.

The purpose of maintenance logs.

To get a better handle on your motorcycle, learn more about what maintenance logs are and how they can benefit you as a bike owner. 

What Is a Motorcycle Maintenance Log?

Tracking all of the significant moments in a motorcycle's life is one of the best actions any bike owner can take. A motorcycle maintenance log does just that. The form your maintenance log takes is pretty much up to you, whether it's in a Word document, journal, spreadsheet or notebook. As long as you can record all of the significant events in your bike's life in an easily accessible form, your upkeep log can come in whatever format you like. 

In the maintenance log, you'll record information about important events that relate to your motorcycle. While you might be able to remember the last couple of repairs, your memory might get a little fuzzy on what repairs were done and when they were completed past this point. To ensure you know exactly when and why repairs were completed, keep a motorcycle maintenance record. 

What Should You Include in a Motorcycle Maintenance Log?

Your maintenance log should cover your motorcycle's entire history of maintenance, service and repairs. Your log should begin from the moment you own the bike, but if you haven't kept one, it's still better late than never. 

You can begin a simple motorcycle maintenance log template by recording the mileage and date of a given event. After you record these key stats, you can then add information about the nature of the event. Often, these notes will be simple, such as stating you conducted an oil change or cleaned out your air filter. Generally, you should include basic bike information in your log, such as your oil type, tire size and kind of filter. 

If the problem or event is more complex, feel free to add more detail. You can even attach receipts, pictures or other pieces of information to help you remember the event more clearly.

Benefits of a Motorcycle Maintenance Log

Keeping a motorcycle maintenance log provides several advantages to bike owners. For instance, it helps you better understand your maintenance costs and prevents you from paying for unneeded repairs. 

Maintenance logs help you better understand your maintenance costs.

Below are some of the top benefits of keeping a motorcycle maintenance tracker:

1. Get Rid of Uncertainty and Prevent Unneeded Maintenance

When you don't keep a log, you run the risk of springing for maintenance services you don't really need. For example, let's say you haven't been keeping a maintenance log. If you take your car in for a routine inspection or oil change, the service technician may also ask when was the last time your tires were rotated. 

Without a maintenance log, you probably won't remember. Since you don't know, you'll likely give the okay for the maintenance specialist to rotate your tires to be safe. Later, you might find out you had rotated your tires only a couple thousand miles ago and had plenty of time before you needed to get them rotated again. Essentially, not keeping a maintenance tracker could cause you to spend money on unneeded upkeep.

With a motorcycle maintenance record, you'll know exactly when your last tire rotation or other task was completed. This knowledge helps you save money by avoiding paying for unnecessary maintenance services. Instead, you only pay for what you need.

2. Understand Your Ownership Costs

You can get a greater understanding of your finances and the cost of owning the motorcycle with a maintenance logbook. Without a central place to record the money you've spent on repairs for your bike, you're more likely to lose track of how often and how much you're spending money on your motorcycle. 

A primary downside to not keeping a log is how this makes it difficult to budget your spending. Without a history of your ownership costs, it'll be challenging to create a comprehensive budget that accounts for the various expenses. 

With a maintenance record, you can account for all the costs of common maintenance tasks, oil changes and repairs. By looking over these payments, you can know how much money you need to set aside for repairs and upkeep per month or year. 

3. Increase Your Motorcycle's Resale Value

Alongside helping you track repairs and costs, a maintenance log can also help you increase your motorcycle's resale value. A log can increase the bike's value by showing proof that you have taken care of it. The record also gives buyers a complete understanding of what they're buying.

When you have a maintenance log that also includes receipts and complete documentation of motorcycle maintenance or repairs, your bike's value will often increase as a result. If you've owned the motorcycle for a long time and it has high mileage, a maintenance record will serve as proof that it's been cared for while you owned it.

Additionally, the resale value can also go up because the potential buyer will be more likely to trust you. A detailed maintenance log lets them see if the bike's been in any major accidents. It also allows them to review all minor repairs and any parts that have been replaced on the bike. This information makes the buying process more transparent and allows you to price your motorcycle accurately without being talked down.

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Chris Rutter
Chris Rutter


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