Harley-Davidson® USB Cables


You have one of the most powerful computing devices in the palm of your hand.

That device has an enormous amount of data that it transmits and receives every minute of every day.

    When we ask our SmartPhones to communicate with our radios to supply music, phone calls, text messages, Bluetooth streaming and other features such as Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, the amount of data being passed through the phones’ cable is enormous, even the Apple branded Lightning cables, weren’t designed to transmit that much data.

    In Fat Head Cycles’ in house technical support, we have found that one of the most common solutions to Android Auto and Apple CarPlay problems are solved simply by replacing the phone cable with a cable better suited for the harsh environment of our bikes.

To help ensure that the information flows between the radio and phone with as few problems as possible, we’ll need to be sure that we’re using a good quality, data transferring cable.

So Fat Head Cycles has found, for you, good quality , data-transferring cables in the three most popular types used on today’s “SmartPhones”.

“Lightning” cable, used on Apple products & “Micro USB’ & “USB-C” cable styles used on all phones that are not Apple products. (Android Phones)

    The cables we offer have a braided jacket to help hold up to the abusive environment found in our bikes.

Another feature is the area below the head of the cable where most failures typically occur. The constant bending back and forth is the number one cause of phone cable failures. So Fat Head has found a cable with good protection at that “bending point”.

The cables, featured here, is a good quality data transferring cable that should help to ensure trouble-free usage of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.


    Please keep in mind, even the best of products need to be replaced from time to time. The average lifespan of a good quality cable in the stable in-home environment is at best, 6 months.

We highly recommend replacing phone cables on your bike every 3 to 6 months depending on frequency of use.