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J&M FLEXPOWER® AM/FM/WB In-Fairing Antenna | '14 -'20 Touring


J&M’s new Passive FLEXPOWER® hide-a-way AM/FM/WB antenna is THE BEST hide-a-way antenna on the market today, for ALL THREE reception bands of AM, FM and WB, to help you eliminate altogether the rear mounted antenna on your 2014-2020 Harley Ultra, StreetGlide, RoadGlide or RoadGlide Ultra.

This new passive version (no 12v connection required) provides all of the great reception performance of our original design, but with the correct "FAKRA" style plug on the end of the cable, for direct connection to the 2014-2020 Harley radio (either version).

Over the years we have learned that proper tuning and adequate stinger capture area is far more important to reception quality for an in-fairing (hidden) antenna than trying to artificially amplify a less than ideal signal.

Installation is a snap, as there are no wires to cut or splice.

This antenna kit includes complete and detailed installation instructions.


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