Did you know that your factory head bolts are only made for a single use?  Many people have learned this the hard way.  When reusing your factory head bolts they are prone to cracking, sometimes in half, when you apply torque to them.  These S&S head bolts alleviate that problem.  They are made with heat-treated 8640 steel, have a 200,000 psi tensile strength, and are coated with a durable black oxide coating.  What doe all of that mean?   They are far stronger than your factory bolts.  In fact they are reusable!  The piece of mind that you gain with these head bolts far outweighs the price.  Includes all 8 headbolts.

Shipping Delays

We are aware there are orders outstanding. Rest assured that your order has not been missed nor forgotten. Things here at Fat Head Cycles have changed drastically over the past few months and our small operation has had to adjust and adapt to maintain the accuracy and quality of our products. Our supply chains have been affected, distribution centers are backlogged and national shipping agencies have been severely affected by COVID19. Unfortunately, these things are completely out of our control.

The majority of orders containing Sony and Rockford products take between 21-28 BUSINESS days to custom assemble, ship and arrive at your doorstep. Once your order ships you will receive a SHIPPING CONFIRMATION email stating your order is on the way with tracking information. If you have not received this email your order is still in fulfillment que and is working its way up the list. Due to the fluid nature of the supply chain at this time, Fat Head Cycles CANNOT provide ETAs on bundles that have yet to ship as many times we are simply waiting on one small part or another to complete the package.

We here at Fat Head Cycles appreciate you as a customer and will always do the best we can to accommodate and fulfill your requests and your need for the best Harley Davidson audio and performance products in the industry. Thank you for your understanding.
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