Metra AXDSPX-HD2 '14-21'

So you’re a control freak, huh?  Us too!  That’s why we fell in love with the AXDSPX-HD2 from Axxess by Metra Electronics!  We fell in love with the product, not the name….that’s just too long!  Can we just agree to call it the DSPX? 


This part, made for Harley Davidson bike owners in the year ranges of 2014 to 2020, is designed to plug in between your radio and aftermarket amplifier and supply you with complete control of the tonal outputs of whichever radio you connect it to!

You will have 31 bands of equalization per output of this DSP...and there are TEN total outputs to use!

On each one of those ten outputs we can control the crossover points and customize the EQ to adjust for individual listening preferences and to protect your investment (speakers).

And you can do this all from the screen of your tablet or phone! (We prefer tablets, because the screen is larger and easier to manipulate, but you do you!)

Oh, and it’s all in a weather-sealed enclosure too.

Who is going to need this device?

Everyone who has amplified system:

Everyone that cares about protecting their speakers from receiving damaging frequencies.

Everyone who wants better controlled sound out of their existing equipment.

Everyone who has two speakers.

Everyone who has 4 speakers.

Everyone who wants to add more than the “Standard 4 speaker” stereo setup.

Every novice.

Every audiophile.

Let’s face it, the motorcycle wasn’t built to duplicate ”The best music you’ve ever heard”.

But with the addition of the DSPX, we can get pretty close!

When listening to music on our motorcycles, we have a plethora of things to combat.

We have wind noise, engine noises, exhaust, the sound of our own tires rolling over the road and these same noises from every other vehicle on the road.

To overcome those things we add more power in the way of an amplifier.

When adding an amplifier, if not tuned properly, we can put a larger strain on our speakers than they’re designed to tolerate. To help combat that, we can add the DSPX in between our amplifier and radio. Now, with this device installed and set up properly, we can ensure that our amplifiers only reproduce the  non-damaging tones that we tell them to.  At that point, we can actually request more power out of our amplifiers!

Better sound, better speaker protection and more volume.

That’s a Win, win….win. Right?


So which bikes will this work on?

All Harley Davidson motorcycles manufactured between 2014 and 2020.

But “Hey, I have a CVO bike, will this work for me too?”

Yes!  Just add this part and an external amplifier, you’re good!


“I have “BOOM Audio”. Will this work for me?”

Yup, add this and an external amplifier.

“But I have a factory installed radio that I don’t want to change.”

This works for you too.  Just have your factory radio “flashed” by a professional, add this and an external amplifier, you’re good to go.

How easy is this thing to install?

Well, for the most part, it’s as close to “Plug N’ Play” as we could make it for you.

The only thing you’ll need to make physical connections on for this part, are the wires “hanging off” of Axxess’ pre-wired harness which are color coded to go to the “Output” portion of your amplifier.

Well, there’s more!

For all of you sound competition competitors out there, Axxess has added password protection to it’s software

Now, you can avoid malicious changing of your settings by other sound competitors at your competitions! 

Oh, you’ll need to plug in some RCA cables too.

Then we’ll provide detailed instructions on how to connect to and program and control your new DSP with an app on your phone or tablet.


I have the Sony radio installed, will this work for me?

Yup! Just add this and an external amplifier.

But don’t worry, whether you’re a novice or a professional, we will have install guides to help you along. And don’t forget about our investment of an in-house tech support team, here to help you Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm EST & Saturday 9am to 2pm EST.


Shipping Delays

We are aware there are orders outstanding. Rest assured that your order has not been missed nor forgotten. Things here at Fat Head Cycles have changed drastically over the past few months and our small operation has had to adjust and adapt to maintain the accuracy and quality of our products. Our supply chains have been affected, distribution centers are backlogged and national shipping agencies have been severely affected by COVID19. Unfortunately, these things are completely out of our control.

The majority of orders containing Sony and Rockford products take between 21-28 BUSINESS days to custom assemble, ship and arrive at your doorstep. Once your order ships you will receive a SHIPPING CONFIRMATION email stating your order is on the way with tracking information. If you have not received this email your order is still in fulfillment que and is working its way up the list. Due to the fluid nature of the supply chain at this time, Fat Head Cycles CANNOT provide ETAs on bundles that have yet to ship as many times we are simply waiting on one small part or another to complete the package.

We here at Fat Head Cycles appreciate you as a customer and will always do the best we can to accommodate and fulfill your requests and your need for the best Harley Davidson audio and performance products in the industry. Thank you for your understanding.
We appreciate you,The Fat Head Cycles Team