S&S Twin Cam bundle| Fits 99-2016


The S&S Complete Chain Drive Cam Chest Kit removes any doubt about the condition of the critical parts in the cam chest of your 1999-’16 Harley-Davidson big twin. Replace it all – oil pump, cam support plate, cams, and tappets with premium U.S. made S&S cam chest components. Upgrade to an S&S chain drive performance cam set for improved engine performance, higher lift and optimized cam timing. It’s all new and all S&S!  

 Features and Benefits 1999-2006

  • Upgrade to S&S bolt-in performance chain drive camshafts
  • S&S Quickie pushrods - easy installation, without removing rocker covers
  • Replace stock oil pump, cam support plate, cams, chain tensioners and tappets with all new premium U.S. made S&S components
  • Upgrade 1999-’06 models to 2007-’16 style oil pump (included) for better, more consistent oil pressure
  • Improved engine performance – higher lift and optimized cam timing
  • S&S Hydraulic Cam Chain Tensioners - improved valve timing and chain life

See Cam descriptions below:

.509C-The 509 Touring Cam is designed as a bolt-in, high torque cam for 1999-’06 models, except 2006 HD® Dyna®. 180 psi cranking compression, no need for compression releases. For 88 CID engines with stock compression ratio. Idle-4500 rpm.

.510C-Designed as a bolt-in cam for 88, 95, and 96 CID engines with compression ratios below 9.7:1, it is primarily intended for use with stock, un-ported heads. 3000-5500 rpm. The 510C chain drive camshafts for 1999-’06 use the stock Harley-Davidson® chain drive mechanism and offers an economical option for engines with mild performance upgrades.

.551CE-Designed for engines with 96 to 106 CID and 9:1 to 9:9 compression this is a bolt-in cam set designed for stock or mildly modified touring bikes. 551 cams are not recommended for compression ratios of 10:1 or greater. Greatly improves low-end and midrange torque, strongest from idle-4000rpm.

.583CE-Optimized for use in the Softail®/Dyna® lines, this cam makes horsepower and torque that you can feel all the way through the rpm range, making the most power right where you need it:1500–5000rpm.

.585CE-Fits 2006 Dyna® and 2007-16 big twin models. The 585 cam is designed for 88 to 95 inch engines with compression ratios from 10 to 10.5:1 and 100 and 107 inch engines at 9.7:1 to 10.5:1 compression.  This bolt in cam provides massive horsepower and torque starting at 3000 rpm and holding all the way to red line.



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