Tips for Adjusting Your Motorcycle for the Perfect Fit

Tips for Adjusting Your Motorcycle for the Perfect Fit

by Chris Rutter October 08, 2020

Tips for Adjusting Your Motorcycle for the Perfect Fit

A motorcycle that doesn't fit the rider can take away a lot of the fun. Feeling cramped or having to extend yourself to reach controls can be very uncomfortable and put you in harm's way. Those who love to take joyrides or go on long trips on their bike especially need to adjust their motorcycles so they get the most comfortable riding experience possible.

It's often a better idea to try out multiple bikes before purchasing one to find the perfect fit for you. However, for those who've already purchased a bike, you can still make plenty of changes to ensure it fits your body and delivers a better riding experience.

Why Motorcycle Fit Matters

Your motorcycle fit is crucial for a fun and safe ride. There are many negative effects of riding an ill-fitting bike that harm users in the short and long term. Below you can find some of the top issues you may experience if your motorcycle doesn't fit your body:

  • Unbalanced ride: Any rider knows that the key to a great ride is balance. You need to feel connected to the bike and in complete control. Taking turns can be disastrous if you're not well-balanced, so it's crucial you feel comfortable on the bike. One indicator that you don't have great balance on your bike is if you can't put your feet all the way on the ground when sitting on the motorcycle. 
  • Discomfort: When you're on the road and your controls are too far away or you feel awkward in the seat, you're not going to have a fun ride. An uncomfortable bike isn't the worst thing in the world if you're only going five minutes down the road, but it can become increasingly painful the longer you ride. Don't let your bike's discomfort take away from the fun of riding.
  • Danger: If you can't reach the controls quickly or are riding in a way where your movements are too constrained, you're less likely to be able to react appropriately to a hazard in the road. An ill-fitting motorcycle can also cause long-term issues. Back pain and various strains can stem from a motorcycle that doesn't fit the rider.

How to Adjust Your Motorcycle for a Perfect Fit

If you've ever wondered how you can make your motorcycle more comfortable, you've come to the right place. There are plenty of ways you can adjust your bike to improve your driving experience. You can handle many of the adjustments on your own, with only a couple that might require you to take your bike into a shop.

Check out some of the best ways you can adjust your bike for the best fit possible:


When you ride your bike, it's proper form to have a straight line running from your wrist through your elbow. This line should continue to run through your fingers when your hand rests on your clutch and brake levers.

If you find that your fingers don't line up, you can make some adjustments to the levers to fix it. To do so, start by loosening the pinch bolts of your levers. Begin to rotate the perch, moving it until your levers are in the best position. For perches that have pins in them, you can snap or grind them off. Once in the correct position, remember to tighten your pinch bolts. 


For most bikes you take out on the road, you should aim for the pegs to be positioned to allow you to ride the bike while standing. You may not be able to alter your peg positions to make them more comfortable for you to stand on while driving. However, you may be able to find aftermarket pegs to replace the factory ones, so you get wider pegs and those that have better grips.


Handlebars can usually be adjusted by loosening the risers or clamps of the bar and pushing or pulling the handlebars towards or away from you. If the handlebars are too far away from you, you should pull them towards you and vice versa. 

Pay attention to the angle of the grip and height.

As you adjust the bars, pay attention to the angle of the grip and the height. Either factor will greatly affect how comfortable you feel while driving. If your bar isn't high enough even after adjusting, you can install a set of bar risers that can raise your bar somewhere between 20 and 30 millimeters. For riders that still can't find a comfortable position, you may need to search for a new set of aftermarket handlebars. 


If you ride a motocross or dual-sport style bike, the seat's height will be higher to generate more suspension travel. Though these higher seat heights can be helpful in times where you're off-roading, you may need to adjust the suspension if you regularly drive them on the street. Since the suspension tends to sag more under the rider, it's much more likely that you make contact with the ground. Plus, the higher suspension system can be too tall for a shorter driver.

You can often replace the suspension for a new one. A new suspension can either lower or raise the seat depending on your needs. Additionally, you can sometimes find modified suspension systems that accomplish the same purpose.


Motorcycle seat adjustments are some of the most helpful changes you can make to your bike. Typically, your bike seat should have a few adjustable seat settings. You can often find a position that makes your ride more comfortable using one of the stock fixed positions.

If there are no settings that you can adjust your seat with or none of the different seat settings work for you, you have a couple of options. Some may prefer to purchase an aftermarket seat that fits better. Those who don't want to go this route can add or remove foam under the seat cover. With the foam, you can raise your seat to a comfortable height.

Choose Fat Head Cycles for Motorcycle Parts and Services

Now that you know the main areas you can adjust to make your ride more comfortable, check out more ways you can take your bike to the next level at Fat Head Cycles. We offer suspension and frame products, as well as products designed to improve your bike's performance and customize your bike's body for greater ergonomic support. In addition to our online store, we offer a premier maintenance shop where you can bring your bike in for maintenance and get help installing replacement parts. Our staff will be happy to help you make your bike more comfortable and get you back on the road as fast as possible. 

Browse our selection of online parts and accessories to help you make your bike more comfortable and keep it well maintained. If you have any questions while browsing or want to know more about how to adjust your bike, reach out to us today.

Choose Fat Head Cycles for Motorcycle Parts and Services

Chris Rutter
Chris Rutter


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