How to Customize a Street Glide

How to Customize a Street Glide

by Chris Rutter August 26, 2021

Harley-Davidson owners can all agree on one thing — owning a Harley means more than having a motorcycle. Owning a Harley introduces you to the Harley-Davidson lifestyle that owners know and love. These motorcycles are some of the best on the market, and having your own bike gives you many opportunities to explore the world of Harley-Davidson aftermarket parts and accessories.

A fun aspect of belonging to the Harley-Davidson community is learning new ways to customize your ride and make it your own. While some riders prefer features on the stock Harley-Davidson bikes, others enjoy the process of working on their bikes and shopping for new accessories and parts that will make their Harleys unique.

The Street Glide is a great option for adding aftermarket parts and accessories to a Harley model. The customization options on this bike are nearly endless thanks to the large selection of Harley aftermarket parts and customization ideas floating around the Harley-Davidson community.

Are you looking for ideas on how to customize your Harley Street Glide? Check out this guide for tips to help you personalize your Harley bike. 

What Is a Harley-Davidson Street Glide?

What Is a Harley-Davidson Street Glide?

The Harley-Davidson Street Glide is one of the Grand American Touring motorcycles that many riders appreciate. This motorcycle is the perfect choice for riders who enjoy long cruises on their bikes and the ability to add multiple parts throughout their ownership. Some distinctive features of the Harley Street Glide are the frame and the fork-mounted fairing. This style appeals to many riders and provides the bike with a comfortable and sporty look.

The Street Glide is a popular touring model for Harley riders to purchase because of its noteworthy features, such as:

  • Milwaukee-Eight 107 V-twin engine.
  • Batwing fairing.
  • Standard Brembo ABS.
  • Cruise control.
  • Upright riding position.
  • Passenger seat.
  • Boom! Box 4.3 Infotainment system.
  • Saddlebags.
  • Floorboards.
  • Reflex Defensive Rider Systems (optional).
  • Enforcer II cast-aluminum wheels.

In addition to finding a Harley that has the features you're looking for, you'll also want to get a bike that fits your style. With the Harley Street Glide, you get both of those qualities, plus a great-looking bike that's ready for customization. 

Customizing a Harley Street Glide

One of the best parts about owning a Harley motorcycle is having access to an array of aftermarket parts and accessories for your bike. This access is especially beneficial when you own a Street Glide.

Harley-Davidson describes the Street Glide as the original stripped-down hot rod bagger. Custom shops and other mechanics see Street Glide owners often looking to enhance their bikes. This model offers owners plenty of areas to update, change and alter to their liking. 

The most important part of working on your Harley Street Glide is making changes that you will appreciate and that make your ride more comfortable. Many riders will know exactly what customizations they want once they see their bike, but others may need some inspiration first. Check out some of these helpful customization tips and see what you might like to change on your Harley Street Glide.

1. Stereos and Audio Equipment

A popular update that riders make is changing the audio system in their Street Glide. Installing a new radio or speaker system can transform the way you ride. There's nothing like jamming out to your favorite song while you're cruising down the road on your Harley motorcycle.

Riders can browse through various styles and types of audio products for Harley bikes. Whether you're searching for a basic radio upgrade with quality radio connectivity and a navigation system or for a high-tech audio system with an awesome speaker system, Bluetooth connectivity and a touch screen, your search will be a breeze because you own a Harley Street Glide. 

Here are a few audio equipment options you have for your Street Glide:

  • Sony XAV-AX5000: This Sony Audio Plug & Play Bundle will connect with your Street Glide and other Harley Touring bikes. You can enjoy Apple CarPlay or Android Audio, USB connections, a touch-screen radio, Bluetooth and more.
  • Sony XAV-AX7000: This Sony Audio bundle is similar to the XAV-AX5000 model but with extra capabilities. This model will fit with a Street Glide Harley and other models in the Grand American Touring series.
  • Sound Storm Labs DD988ACP: This radio bundle will work with a '98-'13 Harley-Davidson Touring bike. This system includes Bluetooth, touch-screen radio, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.
  • Focal inside access speakers: These quality Harley speakers are one of the most versatile speaker sets for your Street Glide. They sound amazing and will allow you to play around with the sound level you want on your bike. 


2. Wheels

Another part of your Street Glide that you can upgrade is your wheels. Wheels make a big impact on the look and performance of your ride. For your Harley to perform safely and smoothly, find wheels made for your model. Finding the right wheels for your Street Glide can be a great investment for riders looking to enhance their bike.

3. Saddles

A Street Glide is the perfect bike for long-distance rides. Riders looking to upgrade their rides to be more comfortable on these long road trips should consider customizing their saddle. The saddle, or the seat, of your motorcycle can make a huge difference in the comfortability of your ride. Upgrading the seat on your Street Glide can make your long trips easier and far more relaxing.

4. Fenders

The fender on a motorcycle is there to prevent debris and other items from hitting you while you're on the road. They cover the tires and are another aspect of your bike that you can change to enhance the visual appearance of your ride. 

5. Accessories

You'll find plenty of main features to transform on your bike. From the body to the wheels, there's always an area to change to make your Street Glide stand out and match your style. 

You can make more customization and smaller changes to your bike with Harley-Davidson accessories. Add options like LED lighting kits, splash covers, smartphone holders and license plate mounts, and get your ride exactly how you want it. 

Purchase Aftermarket Parts and Accessories for Your Harley-Davidson From Fat Head Cycles

Purchase Aftermarket Parts and Accessories for Your Harley-Davidson From Fat Head Cycles

Finding a reputable Harley-Davidson parts and service shop that offers high-quality products is essential for a Harley owner. If you're looking to upgrade your Street Glide and need to order aftermarket parts and accessories, contact the experts at Fat Head Cycles for information on our products and our Harley-Davidson bike service.

Chris Rutter
Chris Rutter


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