Summer Riding Tips

Summer Riding Tips

by Chris Rutter September 08, 2021

Summer Riding Tips

Summer is one of the best times of the year to get outside and enjoy long days of sunshine and warm weather. With all the extra daylight, motorcycle riders can get many rides in and cruise under the sun. But with the beautiful summer days comes intense heat that can impact your motorcycle rides.

High temperatures can make your motorcycle rides uncomfortable and unsafe if you don't take proper precautions. Staying cool and alert during your summertime rides is essential for traveling safely. Make the most out of your rides this summer with this helpful guide on summer motorcycle riding. Learn all the best tips to stay cool on hot motorcycle rides.

10 Tips for Riding a Motorcycle During the Summer

Before you gear up and take your motorcycle out for a long cruise, consider these tips to help make your rides more enjoyable in the summer heat:

1. Drink Plenty of Water

You'll notice a big change in your body when you're outside in the heat for an extended period. The summer heat can make you sweat, which causes you to lose the water and salt your body needs to stay hydrated — potentially leading to heat exhaustion. To protect yourself from heat exhaustion and feeling drained from the heat, make sure you're staying hydrated and drinking a lot of water during your rides. 

It's essential you drink water before, during and after your ride. Drinking enough water will help you replenish your body as you sweat from the heat and use your muscles to stabilize yourself on your bike. Make sure you bring plenty of water on your ride, especially if you're going on a ride that's longer than an hour. You can pack a large water bottle for your ride, or you can invest in a hydration backpack with a nozzle you can sip from while cruising.

2. Wear Full-Coverage Clothing 

When the sun is out and the heat is intense, most people want to wear light clothing like shorts, short sleeves, tank tops, sandals and other summertime apparel. While this type of clothing is appropriate for normal activities, it's not great for a motorcycle ride. Find the best summer motorcycle gear to make your ride safe and comfortable.

Full-coverage riding gear is the smartest clothing to wear during a motorcycle ride, regardless of the temperature outside. Full-length gear can help protect you from serious injuries in the event of an accident. To reduce your sweat levels, look for gear that has ventilation and sweat-wicking fabric to make your summer rides comfortable and safe.

3. Refrain From Alcohol or Caffeine

Riders should never drink alcohol before a motorcycle ride because it will impair their driving abilities. Alcohol also increases dehydration, so it's not a great idea to drink after a ride either. Your body will need more water after your motorcycle ride, even if you drink plenty of water throughout. With the intense heat, it's always better to opt for water post-ride instead of an alcoholic beverage.

While caffeine isn't bad to consume, it's always best to stick with plain water. Water will help keep you alert and feeling great as you cruise on your bike in the hot sun. 

4. Ride During the Coolest Time of the Day

Going for a ride during the summer doesn't mean you have to ride in the intense heat. To help make your ride more enjoyable, plan your ride during the coolest parts of the day.

The hottest part of the day is typically between noon and 5 p.m. Make sure you plan your rides at any other time during the day to skip out on the high temperatures. An even better plan is to ride early in the morning, right around dawn. This time is typically the coolest, and you can catch a nice sunrise to start your morning. 

5. Use Sweat-Wicking Layers

Your body sweats to cool you down and regulate its temperature. While you're layering your protective gear before your ride, wear a base layer that helps wick moisture and keeps you cool during your ride. Certain sweat-wicking base layers also include compression to improve circulation and help you feel more alert. 

Take Breaks to Cool Down

6. Take Breaks to Cool Down

If you're planning to take a long ride on a hot summer day, make sure you incorporate breaks. Taking regular breaks can help ensure you're drinking enough water, eating a snack when you're hungry and cooling down. You can search for a nice spot in the shade to relax, or stop at a store or restaurant to enjoy some air conditioning before you head back out.

7. Wear a Neck-Cooling Wrap and Vest

You can make your ride more comfortable by wearing riding gear that helps cool you down. Find cooling gear like a vest or neck wrap that helps wick sweat away from your body and makes you feel cooler on a hot day. 

8. Pull Over if You Feel Bad

Even if you drink plenty of water, eat snacks and wear appropriate riding gear, you should use common sense while riding on a hot day. If you begin to feel dizzy, tired or nauseous because of the heat, pull over immediately. Your body gives you these signals for a reason. Take an extra break if your body needs it, and resume riding when you're feeling better. 

9. Plan Ahead

If you're planning a long-distance ride, make a plan before you head out to ensure you're taking plenty of water breaks and rest stops. Create a schedule that includes what times you're taking breaks, where you can stop for some air conditioning and where to stop for a meal and more hydration. This schedule can help keep your body energized and healthy while you ride on a summer day.

10. Take Rest Days During Road Trips

Summer is a great time to explore and travel to new places on your motorcycle. If you're planning a long road trip to numerous destinations, make sure you add rest days to escape the sun and heat.

Nonstop road trips may be possible during other seasons, but it's important to include a rest day if you're traveling on a motorcycle during the summer. Take care of your body by planning a day off of your bike to enjoy the new destination you're visiting. Whether it means enjoying a day by the pool, resting in bed or exploring a museum, a rest day is necessary for a summer motorcycle road trip. 

Get Your Riding Gear From Fat Head Cycles

Finding the right gear for your summer motorcycle rides is important for making your rides more comfortable. Browse high-quality motorcycle gear and apparel from Fat Head Cycles. Contact us today for information on our riding gear, bike products and maintenance.

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Chris Rutter
Chris Rutter


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