How to Keep Your Motorcycle Safe

How to Keep Your Motorcycle Safe

by Chris Rutter November 26, 2020

Motorcycle security is a major concern for Harley owners around the world. Any type of bike can be stolen — from touring bikes and cruisers to sport bikes and mopeds. If you don't take steps to secure your bike, it's in danger of theft. Fortunately, there are many ways you can protect your bike from thieves and secure it at your home or while you're out on the town.

Tips for Motorcycle Security

Since a motorcycle is less secure than a car, it's crucial to take steps to protect it from thieves. Guarding your motorcycle against theft can be accomplished by using locks and alarms, along with following some best practices. Check out some of the top tips for keeping your motorcycle safe from theft.

1. Keep Your Motorcycle Out of Sight

If a thief can't see your bike, they're not going to be able to steal it. Highly visible bikes, especially if they're parked in the same place every day, will be at risk of being scoped out and stolen. The simplest way to hide your motorcycle is to keep it in a garage, which prevents it from being seen from the street and protects it from being stolen. 

Park your motorcycle somewhere that's not highly visible from the street.

If you don't have a garage, you can park the motorcycle somewhere that's not highly visible from the street. If you keep your bike outdoors, you can place a cover on the bike for security. Placing a covering over the bike makes it harder for a thief to see if the bike is worth stealing.

A cover also makes it harder to steal a bike, as it can slow down the thief as they try to remove it. Since thieves are trying to steal a bike as fast as possible and avoid witnesses, a simple cover can be enough of a deterrent to make them search elsewhere. 

2. Don't Rest Your Lock on the Ground

When you include a lock on your bike, don't ever let it rest on the ground. It's much easier for a thief to get leverage on a ground lock and break it. Placing the lock away from the ground makes it more difficult for a thief to get leverage on the lock to pry it open. The best location to install your chain or lock is through the frame, but you can also place it through a wheel and fork.

3. Lock Your Bike's Steering Lock

One of the simplest ways you can protect your bike is to ensure you lock your steering lock whenever you leave your bike. While these locks can be bypassed, they're a good way to discourage thieves looking for a quick theft. If you lock both your steering and ignition, you'll deter thieves even more, as they'll have to deal with two locks instead of one. 

4. Secure Your Motorcycle's Forks

One of the most affordable security steps you can invest in is fork locks. By locking the forks of your wheels, you make it impossible for the wheels to move until the lock is removed. These locks prevent thieves from rolling or driving your bike away unless they find a way to break the fork locks. These motorcycle wheel locks put up an extra element of defense that can deter a thief looking to steal a bike fast.

5. Use a Disc Brake Lock

Disc brake locks are often used alongside fork locks. Instead of just preventing your bike's wheels from being turned, they stop the motorcycle from being moved at all. As these locks provide extra protection, they can make thieves search for an easier bike to steal.

6. Attach Your Motorcycle to an Immovable Object

While locks can deter thieves looking for a quick score, they're not the best deterrents for more calculated thieves. Some thieves will drive around in trucks or other vehicles that can hold bikes. Once they see a bike they want, a lock won't stop them from lifting the bike into the vehicle and driving off.

To stop your bike from being lifted onto a truck, you can invest in a thick cable or chain. With the cable, you can attach the bike to an immovable object, anchoring the bike to it so the motorcycle can't be lifted. Ensure your bike's cable or chain is thick enough that it can't be easily broken with a bolt cutter. You can even do this in a garage for an extra layer of defense. 

7. Install a Motorcycle Anti-Theft Alarm

A motorcycle alarm can be a great addition to your bike, as it will make noise when the motorcycle is being tampered with, drawing attention from others and bringing you outdoors to check on it. The noise motorcycle lock alarms generate can send thieves running. 

A motorcycle alarm can be a great addition to your bike.

8. Invest in a Motorcycle Theft Prevention GPS

A more high-tech option you can add to your bike is a theft prevention GPS. Once you've installed a hidden GPS device, you can track your motorcycle's location. If the bike gets stolen, you can share the location with the police, helping them track down your bike and retrieve it. As anti-theft GPS tracking devices become common, they're also becoming much more affordable. Another benefit is that some insurance companies will offer discounts for those who install them on the bike. 

9. Add a Motorcycle Kill Switch

For bikes that don't come with a kill switch, you may want to consider adding one. These kill switches make it so anyone trying to drive it has to go through an extra step to start the bike. Kill switches stop your engine from starting until a key sends a signal to the kill switch, disabling it and allowing you to start the engine. A kill switch increases your motorcycle's protection and deters thieves.

10. Set up Security Cameras

If you keep your motorcycle outside, you can install security cameras on the exterior of your home. These security cameras will keep an eye on your bike and can discourage thieves. It's unlikely a thief wants to be recorded while they're committing a crime, so if you install the cameras in places that are easy to see, thieves will be less likely to steal your motorcycle. Additionally, if someone does steal your bike, the footage can assist with a police investigation.

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Chris Rutter
Chris Rutter


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