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Motorcycle Upgrades to Make During Winter

by Chris Rutter March 11, 2021

Motorcycle Upgrades to Make During Winter

The chilly months during winter are typically the time when most of us are staying inside. You're counting down the days until the warm sun will be shining, and you can enjoy long rides on your motorcycle again.

But if you're sitting inside doing nothing, so is your bike. Keeping up with your motorcycle's maintenance during the winter can ensure it works properly the second it's warm outside and you're ready to ride.

Should You Start Your Motorcycle in the Winter?

If you need to start and move your bike to make any upgrades, you might wonder if it's OK to do. Starting your motorcycle once every week during the winter can be beneficial if done correctly. When you let your bike run, it should reach optimal operating temperatures to avoid condensation build-up.

Condensation can mess with the function of your bike and possibly have serious consequences. Let your bike run for about 15 minutes to reach the proper temperature, which evaporates any condensation. You should also add a fuel stabilizer to motorcycles in the winter months to improve the quality of your fuel. If you have questions about the run time, ask your local bike shop for maintenance tips during the winter.

10 Winter Motorcycle Projects to Tackle Before You Ride

Since you're not riding your bike during the winter, work on some projects to upgrade your ride. The winter is a great time to make any changes to your bike that you've wanted to accomplish all year. Check out these 10 winter bike projects you can tackle before your first ride in the spring.

1. Swap Your Lights With LEDs

LED lights are an awesome way to upgrade an older model bike. The lights can improve the look, safety and functionality of your bike. LED lights are brighter than other options, making it easier to see when you ride at night. Whether you place LEDs in your headlights, turn signals, auxiliary lights or taillights, they'll enhance your bike's appearance and your riding experience. 

2. Add Tank Pads

Tank pads protect your tank from scratches and scuffs. They also give your bike a cool look and provide some grip to the rider for stabilization. Riders can tend to put all their weight on the handlebars when they're riding. This action can cause sore wrists and an uncomfortable ride. With tank pads, riders can use their thighs to grip the side of the tank and stabilize themselves. The tank pads help distribute the rider's weight differently on the bike and assists with leaning, steering and turning. 

3. Consider Rearsets

If you want to add a racing feel to your bike, then rearsets are a great aftermarket item to install during the winter. These foot-pegs are designed for sport riding and are great for riders who want to upgrade their bikes. Rearsets are adjustable to fit the size of the rider and offer a way to be more comfortable and stable on your bike.

 Install crash protection

4. Install Crash Protection

To prevent damage from happening to your bike, you can install aftermarket crash protection parts. Crash protection parts can guard your wheels, tank, frame and other sections of your motorcycle. Look into different aftermarket crash protection parts this winter to prepare your bike for future rides.

5. Check the Battery

While your bike is sitting in storage during the winter, make sure you inspect its battery. When you do this, be sure to look at the battery's cables, fasteners and posts. Checking on your motorcycle battery during winter can increase its life and ensure it's ready to function for your next ride.

6. Replace the Tires

Replacing the tires on your bike can drastically increase your motorcycle's performance, and the winter months are an ideal time to tackle this project. High-quality tires can improve the look of your motorcycle and help strengthen riding abilities. Search for different types of tires that will increase your bike's performance.

7. Spruce up the Body

You can spruce up your bike's look by taking care of the body while it's off the road. Since the weather's cold, you won't have to worry about taking your bike out of commission to sand or paint it. Take this time to remove dents, touch up scuffs and scratches or change the bike's color entirely.

8. Upgrade to Comfortable Seats

Upgrading the seat on your motorcycle can drastically improve your comfort when you ride. Sometimes, the seat that comes with the bike can be thin and not pleasant for long rides. Installing a high-quality motorcycle seat can have long-distance rides feeling like a breeze. If you ride with a passenger, you can also add features like a seatback to make riding comfortable and safer for them.

Add a speaker

9. Add a Speaker

Cruising down the road while listening to music can be one of the best things about riding a motorcycle. If your speaker system is outdated, installing a new system before you take your bike out in the spring would be a worthwhile upgrade. Search for speakers and audio bundles at local shops to improve your riding experience.

10. Install Luggage

Motorcycles are a fun way to travel and cruise to your destinations. The one downside of using a bike as your regular transportation is the lack of storage space. If you need more storage on your bike, there are many aftermarket luggage options available to pack your belongings. Choose from motorcycle backpacks, tail bags and cases. See which option is best for your trips and add it to your bike this winter.

Other Beneficial Tasks for Motorcycle Riders

Other than installation projects for your motorcycle, there are additional tasks you can complete this winter:

  • Learn new skills: Take the time to learn new riding skills on days that aren't very cold, snowy or icy. Gaining new riding skills can make you a better and safer motorcycle rider.
  • Plan future road trips: If you're getting eager to head back on the road, start planning a long-distance motorcycle trip. Write down destinations you want to visit and see when you're free to travel.
  • Check for any recalls: Sometimes, bike parts can have manufacturer recalls for different reasons. Make sure all your bike's parts are safe and ready to use.
  • Arrange for motorcycle winter storage: If you don't have a place already, it's helpful to have storage space for your bike in the winter. Check for winter storage programs at motorcycle shops if you don't have a place at home to keep your bike.

Contact Fat Head Cycles for Winter Motorcycle Maintenance

Working on your bike during the winter will help with performance and catch any service issues. If your bike needs repairs before you take it out for a ride, reach out to Fat Head Cycles for maintenance on your motorcycle.

We proudly service Harley-Davidson motorcycles, and our skilled mechanics can help with a variety of bike repairs during the winter months. Request a repair quote online or call us to learn more about our motorcycle services.

Chris Rutter
Chris Rutter


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