S&S 124" M8 Big Bore Kit


The old saying is true.  There is no replacement for displacement!  Already have a cam but wanting more fun: this is the kit for you.  While the M8 107" was a great improvement, this bolt-on big bore kit takes your quest for fun to a whole new level.  Increasing your cylinder diameter to 4.250", and bumping the compression up to a completely streetable 11:1, this kit puts all the power you want at the twist of your wrist.  All of this with no case machining - that means you can do the install in your garage! The kit comes with pistons, new cylinders (no machining time), piston rings, wrist pins and clips, as well as new base and head gaskets.  Easy to follow instructions makes installation a breeze.  Cylinders are available in either a highlighted (stock) or non-highlighted finish.  

Fits:  All M8 motorcycles equipped with a 107" from the factory.

NOTE:  We highly recommend new cylinder head bolts. Our  https://fat-head-cycles.myshopify.com/admin/products/4725539209264 is a great choice or you can get part #10200303 from your local dealership