Benefits Of A Cam Upgrade On Your Milwaukee-Eight® Harley-Davidson®

Benefits Of A Cam Upgrade On Your Milwaukee-Eight® Harley-Davidson®

by Cliff John February 26, 2019

Introduced in 2017, the Milwaukee-Eight® engine is Harley-Davidson's ninth generation "Big Twin" engine. The signature difference with the M8 engine from traditional Harley-Davidson® Big Twin engines is that there are four valves per cylinder - totaling eight valves. The single-camshaft configuration also returned with the switch to the Milwaukee-Eight engine. 

Harley claimed the reason for the new engine platform was to provide faster throttle response, more torque, better sound, improved fuel economy and a smoother ride. 

For starters, we are a huge fan of the Milwaukee-Eight engine platform - mainly because the ease of which you can increase power on your motorcycle. 

Now, I know Harley promised more torque and better sound with the M8 engine, but we have M8 owners calling and stopping by the shop all the time looking for exactly that - more torque, a better sound and also more power. 

In most cases when Stage 1 upgrades are complete, our next go-to solution is an immediate cam upgrade and here's why: 

1. Increased Horsepower

A cam upgrade can easily add, on average, 30% more horsepower - immediately. 

2. Increased Torque

A new cam can also give you the punch you've been craving with an average 30% torque improvement. 

3. Passing Power

No more downshifting to change lanes or maneuver around a slow moving tractor trailer. Simply pull the throttle and pass like you never have before - this is where you'll put your increased torque and horsepower to work. 

4. Regain Your Classic Harley Sound

We had a guy tell us he wanted a cam upgrade so his motorcycle would stop sounding like a sewing machine. A cam upgrade regains the classic Harley-Davidson motor sound you should be craving. 

At this point in the conversation our customers are chomping at the bit to learn more about how exactly they can get more torque, power and better sound on their Milwaukee-Eight bike. Their main question is, with so many cam options on the market - which is the best for a Milwaukee-Eight motorcycle? 

For us, choosing the right cam for our Milwaukee-Eight customers is easy. But, before we get there we thoroughly explain to our customers that it's just as important to upgrade your supporting cam chest parts as it is to upgrade your cam. Why? Upgrading your entire cam chest ensures the longevity of your motor and optimum performance. 

Our go-to cam bundle that includes a brand new high performance cam and upgrades all the supporting cam chest parts, which can be purchased on our website, contains the following:

Red Shift 468 Cam Shaft

The 468 delivers significant improvements in the power and throttle response right where you ride. The Red Shift 468 is designed to compliment the 4-valve heads' high intake flow while its unique design overcomes the restrictive exhaust port for big gains in both torque and horsepower.

I mean, look at these Dyno charts:

2017 Milwaukee-Eight

2018 Milwaukee-Eight

S&S 3 Stage Oil Pump / Cam Plate Kit (water-cooled or oil-cooled)

The 3 Stage Oil Pump virtually eliminates the dreaded M8 sumping issue, ensuring your motor runs cooler while extending the life of your motor. The Cam Plate provides better oil flow to critical portions of the motor. 

S&S Cam Oil PumpS&S Cam Plate

S&S Quickee Adjustable Push Rods (chrome or black)

S&S Quickee Adjustable Pushrods

Your days of disassembling the top end of your motor to remove your push rods are over with S&S's Quickee Adjustable Push Rods. 

Torrington Cam Shaft Bearing

This full roller high performance bearing replaces the extremely weak factory caged bearing.

Feuling HP+ Hydraulic Lifters

Feuling HP+ Hydraulic Lifters

These tappets provide a quieter valve train operation, including optimum valve control with low bleed-off rates.  

S&S Tappet Lifter Cuffs

S&S Tappet Cuffs

These replace your factory plastic tappet retainers with a billet aluminum tappet retainer. Let's be real, plastic doesn't belong in your motor so these are a must. 

Assembly Lube

The assembly lube ensures there is no metal to metal dry contact at the initial start up. 


Our bundle also comes complete with all necessary gaskets to complete the install. 

Cometic Gaskets Milwaukee-Eight Harley-Davidson

Interested in having this bundle installed in your bike and are within riding distance to our Thurmont, MD shop? Give us a call, 301.825.9007, so we can answer any questions you have and to schedule an install date. 

If you're looking to purchase our bundle and install it yourself, we put together two videos to assist you in the process of removing your factory Milwaukee-Eight cam and installing the new Red Shift cam. It's worth nothing at the time we produced the Red Shift cam install video below we did not use the S&S 3 Stage Oil Pump & Cam Plate kit only because it wasn't yet available for purchase.

Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Cam Removal

Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Red Shift Cam Install

We're now offering our complete Cam Chest Bundles with all the cam specific tools you'll need to complete the project yourself (pictured below). Before checking out, simply add the tool bundle to your order and you'll be ready to rock. 

Harley-Davidson Milwaukee-Eight Cam Chest Bundle

Here's additional information, pictures and how to purchase our cam chest bundle at our extremely reduced bundle price, shipped free to your door for our United States customers: 


Interested in the bundle but have questions first? We're here to help! Simply complete a contact form below and we'll get back to you fast! 

Cliff John
Cliff John


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