What Kind of Headlights Are Best for My Harley?

What Kind of Headlights Are Best for My Harley?

by Cliff John June 18, 2020

A solid set of headlights can make a huge difference when riding in dim conditions. Knowing the basic details of your Harley-Davidson motorcycle helps you to replace bulbs, lenses, connections and more for your safety and the safety of your passengers. Whether your headlight bulbs have burned out or you're on the lookout for a brand-new assembly, there is an overwhelming number of options on the market for Harley bikes of the past and present.

At Fat Head Cycles, we're Harley-Davidson enthusiasts just like you. We understand the need to ride at night, so we're here for you with tips regarding headlight selection. See upcoming vehicles in the distance and prevent accidents by going with a configuration that suits your preference and style.

1. Choose Your Harley-Davidson Headlight Style

Harley headlights are available in all shapes and sizes. Generally, there are three main categories that will guide your purchase for replacements and upgrades. All motorcycle headlights perform the same function, but how installations draw power and provide illumination changes according to setup.

Motorcycle headlights performance

Review the following information to see what type of headlight is stock for your motorcycle:

Reflector Headlight Styles

A reflector headlight showcases a standard tungsten filament bulb sitting in a cone-shaped funnel. These designs accompany classic bikes and are commonly known as "halogen" lights. Traditional reflector headlights push light forward for visibility but are not as energy-efficient as newer technology.

Projector Headlight Styles

Projector headlights work in a similar fashion as reflector styles. A halogen lamp illuminates, and there is a rounded housing to focus direction. Projector headlights contain a special magnifying layer in the lens for boosting brightness.

LED Headlight Styles

LED headlights for Harley-Davidson motorcycles are multi-directional and provide riders with maximum visibility. These headlights are usually adjustable and stand as long-lasting solutions. Riders of all ages look to these installations for an eye-catching appearance and functionality.

2. Purchase Plug & Play Harley Headlights

You can save yourself hours of frustration by selecting headlights that install without splicing, cutting and soldering wires together. At Fat Head Cycles, we give you the satisfaction of performing restorations and upgrades yourself with products by Custom Dynamics. Dress up your 1981-2020 Harley with a ProBEAM® 7" LED Headlamp.

Plug & play functionality should be one of the top factors in your headlight selection. These types of products help you to maintain your bike's original warranty by using year-specific clips for setup.

3. Consider Polycarbonate Headlight Lenses

Riders looking for durability and a sound investment should investigate replacement lens materials. Integrating a headlight assembly with a polycarbonate lens helps your bike withstand small impacts, weathering and temperature changes.

4. Find Die-Cast Aluminum Housings

Headlights are exposed to high-speed winds, moisture, inclement weather and more. Your Harley was built for adventure, so you'll want to make sure your upgraded housing can take a beating. Fat Head Cycles makes it easy to find reliable headlight assemblies with all Custom Dynamics products engineered with die-cast aluminum.

Choose between True Black and Chrome finishes to match any bike's exterior.

Order Aftermarket Harley-Davidson Headlights at Fat Head Cycles

The Fat Head Cycles online store is always expanding with new stereos, lighting and accessories for touring Harley motorcycles. If you want to upgrade your headlights and passing lights, browse our full inventory today and reach out to us online with your questions.

Cliff John
Cliff John


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