Seven Motorcycle TV Shows to Watch When You Can't Ride

Seven Motorcycle TV Shows to Watch When You Can't Ride

by Chris Rutter September 17, 2020

Even as everything opens back up, parts of the country are still advising everyone to stay home to avoid spreading COVID-19. If you’ve been dreaming of the open road but can’t head out just yet, the second-best thing to do is to live vicariously through TV shows and movies about Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

At Fat Head Cycles, we’ve put together the 7 best TV shows for motorcycle lovers by asking our crew what they’re watching. Here are the results.

7 motorcycle TV shows to watch [list]

1. Ride With Norman Reedus

Actor Norman Reedus is famous for his role on The Walking Dead, but he’s also known as a serious motorcycle aficionado. In this series, he takes celebrities along for rides, introducing them to new destinations and motorcycle culture, sometimes with hilarious results. If you want a show all about the open road, traveling and motorcycles, this is a solid choice.

2. Sons of Anarchy

Looking for a fictional, scripted show where motorcycles and bike culture are a key theme? Sons Of Anarchy had a seven-season run, following Jackson "Jax" Teller and other outlaws on motorcycles. The show had a former Hells Angels member as an adviser to make it realistic. This one ranks up there as top TV for motorcycle lovers to know about (and watch).

3. What's in the Barn?

Dale Walksler hosts this reality TV show, which takes viewers into the barns of America to see what kinds of motorcycles and cars are abandoned there. Several episodes feature restorations and discoveries of vintage motorcycles.

4. Mayans M.C.

If you’ve finished Sons of Anarchy and miss Teller and his world, you’ll enjoy this show. It picks up about four years after Sons of Anarchy ends and is set in the same fictional world with some of the same characters. There aren’t tons of fictional shows about motorcycles, so this is a refreshing change when you’ve had enough reality TV.

5. Monster Garage

This reality TV show ended in 2006, but it’s something of a classic. Host Jesse James and his crew set up challenges to build “monster” machines, including motorcycles, from various vehicles and parts. If you need a reminder of what customization can do, you’ll love this show.

6. Counting Cars

This reality show follows the lives and work of the pros at Count's Kustoms, which is owned by well-known restoration expert Danny Koker. You'll find enough episodes about motorcycles to keep you engaged, and the restoration work done on Harleys and other brands in this show is truly top notch.

7. Nitro Circus

This is the Cirque du Soleil for motorcycle fans. Follow the life of Travis Pastrana as he performs motorcycle stunts and travels the world with his motorcycles to put on live shows. This one will speak to the daredevil in you.

Binge-Watched Enough?

If you’ve watched enough TV, you might be ready to get off the couch. There’s something else you can do with your motorcycle, even if your area is not open yet and you can’t ride. You can customize your Harley by shopping online with Fat Head Cycles. You can also bring your Harley to us for in-shop services to make sure you’re ready to hit the road as soon as possible.

Chris Rutter
Chris Rutter


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