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Can I Put a Touch Screen on My Harley?

Can I Put a Touch Screen on My Harley?

by Cliff John June 25, 2020

Purchasing a Harley-Davidson motorcycle ensures a thrilling experience with plenty of room for customization. Riders of all ages look to dress their bikes up with the latest technology for comfort and convenience during long trips and daily commutes. There's no denying that a Harley offers sleek looks, aggressive power and a signature exhaust sound, but can you install a touch screen?

At Fat Head Cycles, our experts look to push the limits of modern motorcycles. A Harley acts like a home away from home for many of us, so we bring our customers innovative products to help them enjoy music, hands-free capabilities, navigation apps and more. Equipping your favorite bike with a replacement radio might just be the upgrade you've been waiting for.

Sony makes it possible to incorporate weatherproof options for Harleys.

Harley Davidson Radio Upgrades

If you're a fan of audio upgrades, you've probably heard of Sony aftermarket radios. Standing as an industry-leading manufacturer, Sony makes it possible to incorporate weatherproof options for Harley builds of the past and present. In turn, Fat Head Cycles carries compatible replacement radios for the following motorcycle varieties: 

  • Street Glide
  • Ultra Limited
  • Ultra Classic
  • Road Glide
  • Electra Glide
  • Tri Glide
  • And more

Our products showcase features such as Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, anti-glare displays and weather-sealed buttons to keep you safe from the elements. The sky is the limit at Fat Head Cycles, with installations that suit popular model years from 1999 through 2020. Treat your Touring Harley to an accessory it rightfully deserves.

The Best Harley Replacement Radios

Harley-Davidson owners have access to cutting-edge receivers across the Fat Head Cycles online store. We proudly stock replacement touch-screen radios like the Sony XAV-AX7000 to outperform original head units. Discover complete bundles that come with inner fairing trims in your choice of color for a drop-in fit.

We're your premier source for Sony audio units that arrive prewired to fit your motorcycle. Our experts take the time to fill our inventory with touch-screen radios that have impressive functions, such as: 

  • AM/FM tuners
  • Internal amplifiers
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • USB ports
  • SiriusXM
  • Handlebar control integration

Installing a Touch Screen on a Harley

Fat Head Cycles can save you time, money and frustration with radios that plug directly into your factory harness. Your Harley warranty will stay valid with virtually no need to cut, strip or solder wires together. Most of our dash kit radio bundles install in as little as one to four hours, and you'll notice zero gaps between kit components and your motorcycle's dash.

Save time, money and frustration with plug and play radio options.

Installing a touch-screen radio involves a few basic tools. You'll want to have flathead screwdrivers, a ratchet set and Allen wrenches within reach. Installation methods look different between motorcycle builds, but the following steps are necessary for a proper install: 

  1. Removing the windshield and upper fairing trim
  2. Separating speaker grilles
  3. Disconnecting turn signal electronics (if they're connected to the trim)
  4. Pulling wire harness and antenna connections from the factory unit
  5. Using included adapters to complete the setup

Order Your Harley-Davidson Radio From Fat Head Cycles

Look no further than Fat Head Cycles for plug-and-play Sony radios that can transform the look and feel of your favorite ride. We cater to our customers with online tutorials, which will guide you through each step of the installation process. For more information about our products and services, complete a contact form with us today!

Cliff John
Cliff John


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