Sony 7000 vs. Sony DSX-M80

Sony 7000 vs. Sony DSX-M80

by Cliff John July 09, 2020

Harley-Davidson® enthusiasts are always on the lookout for new ways to customize their bikes. While your factory head unit does the job, there might be situations where you wish the stock technology could do more. Whether you're fixing up a 1999 release or use a 2020 bike as a daily cruiser, Fat Head Cycles will enable you to transform your favorite ride with cutting-edge products from Sony.

Fat Head Cycles is the only place to purchase Sony audio units specifically for the Harley-Davidson® brand. We'll set you up for success with prewired deliveries that drop into place through year-specific mounting kits. The first step in upgrading your bike's audio system is to decide which receiver is right for your applications.

Our customers love the Sony 7000 (XAV-AX7000) and Sony DSX-M80, as each model appeals to different markets. Which aftermarket installation will suit your preferences?

Sony 7000 (XAV-AX7000)

The Sony 7000 is engineered to be the ultimate multimedia package. Showcasing an interactive 6.95" touch screen, the receiver will give you the option to connect your smartphone via Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Enjoy hands-free calling and compatibility with music apps such as Spotify for an entertainment experience right near the handlebars.

Sony 7000 has an interactive 6.95" touch screen.

As an industry-leading manufacturer, Sony brings riders a weather-proof screen and weather-sealed buttons to protect the unit's inner components from moisture, changing temperatures and environmental conditions encountered on long trips. The Sony 7000 audio receiver features an anti-glare display that makes it easy to see text and images even in direct sunlight.

Sony 7000 upgrades are for the tech-savvy Harley® owner. Additional specifications include: 

  • Navigation technology
  • SiriusXM and AM/FM functions
  • Dual USB connectivity
  • Custom touch-screen backdrops
  • 400 watts of power for clear playback
  • Voice controls (Siri and Android Auto)
  • 10-band equalizer controls

Sony DSX-M80

The Sony DSX-M80 goes above and beyond your original head unit. This compact receiver with a detachable faceplate is geared toward 1999-2013 Harley-Davidson Touring riders seeking practical features and a sleek appearance. Durable exterior buttons will allow you to change between settings, songs and 10-band equalizer settings to help you rock out on life's next adventure.

Compact receiver with detachable faceplate

Seamlessly pair two smartphones at once to manage both entertainment and phone calls on the go. The Sony DSX-M80 is compatible with Apple's Siri and Android Auto controls to keep your eyes on the road. This cost-friendly aftermarket radio is also powered by 400 watts for high-quality playback via Bluetooth pairing, a front facing AUX input and a USB port.

Hear messages, receive directions and more through your Harley® sound system. The unit's backup memory will remember all of your custom settings without a constant power supply. Browse the details below for a closer look at the Sony DSX-M80: 

  • Color illumination display
  • Extra bass function
  • Included wireless remote
  • AM/FM and SiriusXM tuner
  • Anti-corrosive exterior coating
  • UV-resistant outer finish

Place an Order for Sony Audio Bundles at Fat Head Cycles

Fat Head Cycles wants you to get the most out of your Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. We proudly offer complete Sony 7000 and DSX-M80 bundles with everything you need for a drop-in installation. All of our audio products will arrive ready for mounting without you having to split, cut or solder wire harnesses together.

Check out the product pages for the Sony 7000 and/or DSX bundle for your bike:

For further information about our aftermarket stereo products and in-shop services for the Harley® brand, contact us online today!

Cliff John
Cliff John


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